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Cleaning Up Your Skincare Routine: How Does CBD Deodorant Work?

Sweat is normal, natural, and even healthy. After all, sweating is only our body’s mechanism for expelling toxins from the body. Sweating is great, especially when you’re running, hitting the gym, or enjoying a poolside sunbath. But there are other times when that same sweat is not so nice. Especially when it’s pit sweat, which we all know comes with a pretty rank aroma.

CBD deodorant

When you aren’t hitting the gym, a hot case of B.O. can be pretty embarrassing, to say the least. Most people combat unwanted sweat with deodorant, which can be purchased for a couple of bucks at any drugstore. But it’s not uncommon for those cheap deodorants to not hold up to a day’s worth of sweat, and you may be one of the many people that keeps a travel-size deodorant in your bag just in case.

It’s no secret that the effectiveness of many deodorant brands has been tested over time, which led to multiple brands releasing “clinical strength” versions of their own antiperspirants and deodorizers. These are often expensive, and many regular deodorants may even contain toxins, like aluminum and artificial fragrances, that may be harmful to your body, both internally and externally.

Instead, many people are opting for a different option. CBD-infused deodorant is increasingly popular, and many brands are all-natural and cruelty-free. Of course, the real reason that cannabis-based deodorants are so popular is that they work so well. In fact, cannabidiol (CBD) may naturally work in some ways that regular deodorants are designed to work, without the need for any harsh chemicals. And despite the skunky smell associated with many cannabis strains, CBD deodorants utilize natural cannabis terpenes and essential oils to give a pleasant, yet mild aroma, with options that work well for men, women, and teens! Before buying your CBD deodorant, take a look at the facts to see how it works:

Why Do We Sweat?

There are hundreds of reasons for sweat, but the most basic reason is our body’s attempt to expel toxins. Sweating is also one way that your body regulates your temperature to keep you cool. This is a great thing, and you should definitely take part in regular activities that boost your heart rate and make your sweat. However, exercise isn’t the only thing that can increase sweating, and other triggers aren’t always so easily controlled.

For instance, nervousness can increase your body temperature and activate your sweat glands. This is one time where it’s particularly inconvenient, since being nervous before a job interview can send you into the office with a skunky aroma. Other things can incite your sweat glands to do their job, too, like telling a lie, feeling excited, sitting in a hot room, or running a fever.

Sweat, by itself, isn't a huge problem. Other than being damp and sticky, pit sweat would be mostly undetectable on its own. However, when sweat comes in contact with certain bacteria found on the body, it produces an odor. This is often referred to as body odor and makes our sweaty composure way more obvious to the people around.

With all of these different instances that could excite the sweat glands, it’s hard to predict sweat before it happens. That’s why most people wear deodorant anytime they leave the house in order to avoid any stinky, sweaty situations.

How Do Traditional Deodorants Work?

All deodorants are formulated differently, but they often work to serve the same purpose: eliminating body odor. One of the main ways that most deodorants achieve this is by combating bacteria in the skin that causes body odor when combined with sweat. Many regular deodorants to contain similar ingredients that help achieve this.

These ingredients could include aluminum salts, which work in several ways. Aluminum salts may work as an antiperspirant, meaning they combine with the moisture on the skin to form a layer over the pores. By blocking pores, antiperspirants may help decrease sweat. Other ingredients could include natural and artificial microbial products, which work to fight the bacteria on the skin that causes odor. Many products also contain artificial fragrances and dyes, which are responsible for the unique smell and color of each product.

Many people have reported concerns about many of the ingredients found in traditional deodorants. For instance, aluminum has been identified as a neurotoxin. In fact, people who work in the aluminum industry have shown declining performance on neuropsychological testing. Some deodorants may include parabens, or man-made preservatives, that are potentially harmful as well. Artificial fragrances and dyes may be linked to an increased chance of some chronic diseases, like cancer or kidney damage. Other theories talk about the dangers of antiperspirants, which block the body’s natural urge to expel toxins.

The dangers associated with these chemicals send many people in search of more natural alternatives so that they can avoid stinking up the room without clogging up their insides. For many people, that’s where CBD deodorant comes into play.

So, How Does CBD Deodorant Work?

CBD deodorants aim for the same result as many traditional deodorants, but they work in more natural ways. These deodorants generally contain moderate doses of CBD, one of the many cannabinoids naturally derived from the cannabis plant. CBD works in many ways similar to the traditional ingredients in some deodorants.

First, research shows that cannabidiol may be effective at killing bacteria. Because of this, CBD deodorants may effectively combat the odor-causing bacteria on the skin. Cannabidiol has other potential benefits for your skin, like balancing moisture and potentially affecting inflammation and pain.

Many CBD deodorants may contain other ingredients, like mineral salts and clays that may help detox your skin and draw toxins away from the sweat glands. Other ingredients might include other cannabis terpenes and a variety of other essential oils, which carry their own potential benefits and are generally responsible for the pleasant smell of the product. Many are made with a safe, natural base oil, like coconut oil, which may also carry anti-bacterial properties.

Most CBD infused deodorants come in a traditional deodorant-style roll-up stick that makes it easy to apply to any area. Because many CBD topicals are organic and free of harsh chemicals, they may even be useful for combating sweat and body odor in places other than the armpits. When compared to traditional deodorants, in fact, they may have a number of benefits.

Should I Use CBD Deodorant?

CBD infused deodorant

Whether you are swapping over to more organic, natural products or you’ve found that your traditional deodorant just isn’t getting the job done anymore, CBD deodorant may be a great choice for you. If you are looking to buy CBD topicals online, look for products that are free of toxic chemicals and artificial additives.

Sacred Biology CBD Deodorant contains only natural ingredients and 50mg of CBD per bottle, to help you combat sweat and unwanted odor throughout the day. The ingredients include mineral clays, essential oils, and vegetable-based powders, as well as organic coconut oil and vitamin E. It’s mild enough to be applied as needed and will help keep you odor free all day long. You can even get it in a travel kit (alongside other CBD skincare necessities) here.

In general, CBD deodorant may be right for any person looking to combat regular body odor and sweat. Check the ingredients of every product to ensure the quality before your purchase. High-quality CBD products will always be more effective than some of the synthetic lookalikes that exist. A high-quality CBD deodorant will make it easy for you to swap out your traditional deodorant to “clean up” your daily skincare routine.

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