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CBD Skin Care: Benefits of Using Organic Skin Care Products

Many people are becoming increasingly interested in organic skin care products, and there's a good reason. Many of the pesky chemicals used in the formulation of popular skin care products may be harmful, and in some cases they may do more harm than good. While topical products must pass through safety tests and meet regulations, those standards are often low and may allow harsh chemicals and toxins to enter many products.

The organic label becomes even more important when you are considering cannabis-based products since synthetic cannabinoids might be unsafe or cause an adverse reaction. By choosing organic skin care products, you're choosing to avoid these chemicals and provide your skin with the all-natural healing it deserves. Here's why:

What an Organic Label Means

There are no strict regulations that have to be followed before a product can be labeled as organic, which leads to slightly different guidelines used by organic companies. However, the meaning of organic is pretty consistent across the board. Products labeled as “organic” will not contain pesticides, harmful fertilizers, or synthetic additives. These products are not used during any part of the production process.

Sometimes, organic restrictions also disallow synthetic chemicals used during the productions process that is used to add flavor, color, or aroma to the product. Instead, organic products will strive to use natural ingredients to alter the flavor, color, or smell of their products.

There is some argument that organic products are safer than most non-organic products, but much more research is needed to identify all of the potential harms of the chemicals that organic companies try to avoid. That doesn’t cripple the fans of organic products, though. Many people swear by organic skin care products and will only buy organic products for themselves and their families.

Organic vs Non-Organic Skin Care

The safety of non-organic skin care products may be at the mercy of their production method. Many skin care products, especially natural products, are plant-based. This means that they are exposed to chemical toxins from the day they are planted in the soil. The entire production process can include bacteria and toxins.

Of course, organic products still need to be tested for safety since contaminants can enter the product during the production process. However, organic products are at less risk of containing toxic chemicals because of the lack of chemicals and genetically modified ingredients used from the first step in the production process. Here a few examples of chemicals that may make their way into non-organic products:

  • Fertilizer: Most fertilizers are made of natural compounds that might not necessarily be harmful to the body. However, there is plenty of evidence that chemical fertilizers can damage the environment and contaminate the water supply. This is one reason that many people are against the use of conventional chemical fertilizers and prefer to purchase products that are fertilized naturally instead.

  • Pesticides: While many pesticides are considered “safe” by most legal regulations, there has been research that suggests otherwise. Studies concerning the safety and effect of pesticides often verify that they can be harmful both to wildlife and to people who consume them. For this reason, organic products generally stem from plants that were treated with natural anti-pest options, like eucalyptus oil.

  • Genetically Modified Products: While research on GMO products is still limited, there has been evidence to suggest that they are not as easily processed by our bodies. Some people even believe that genetically modified products will decrease genetic diversity. Other activists suggest that GMO products are harmful to the environment and will result in pollution that will outlive the effects of global warming.

  • Synthetic Additives: Synthetic additives vary greatly and can include artificial flavors, dyes, and more. The harms of these additives have been researched individually, and in most cases, at least some level of harm is found. Synthetic dyes have been associated with negative effects, like irritability, hyperactivity, and allergies. Artificial flavors may have negative effects on the brain, cause dizziness, or result in allergies. For CBD skin care products, the addition of synthetic cannabinoids can cause adverse reactions and have far less benefit than organic, plant-derived cannabinoids.

Benefits of Organic CBD Skin Care Products

When you buy CBD skin care online, you get access to a multitude of high-quality CBD skin care products. These products can easily be incorporated into your regular skin care routine or can even be used to replace your existing routine. The benefits of CBD skin care are profound, which may be the reason that so many people are turning to the cannabis-based products.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of organic CBD skin care products is their potential to help inflammation and soothe skin. They may also be useful for balancing moisture and treating blemishes. Of course, your doctor will be able to help you choose a CBD skin care product to use in your regular routine. For more information about CBD skin care and related benefits, check out the guide to CBD Skin Care Benefits.

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